Mishimoto In-Line Oil Thermostat
Looking for ideal fluid temperature regulation for your next project? Mishimoto has the answer with our innovative, ingenious Inline Oil Thermostat. This sleek unit features a perfect blend of both form and function, and is precision-engineered to properly regulate engine oil, transmission fluid, or any other driveline fluid. The Mishimoto Inline Oil Thermostat is CNC-machined from a single piece of billet 6061 aluminum. This component is ideal for projects where space or clearance places a constraint on using a standard oil sandwich plate. The included thermostat regulates temperatures at 185°F (85°C), which is easily interchanged with our 160°F (71°C) and 200°F (93°C) thermostat units to accommodate to any project. This in-line thermostat includes four -10AN fittings with dowty seals for leak-free line connections. Additionally, this thermostat includes a CNC-machined heat-sink which provides an enhancement in style and helps to reduce fluid temperatures. This also includes a universal mounting bracket and the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • Item #: MMOP-EXTFC
  • Manufacturer: Mishimoto
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MMOP-EXTFC

Mishimoto In-Line Oil Thermostat

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