Autopower Bolt-In Roll Cage (Coupe)

Coupe ONLY

Autopower Bolt-In Roll Cage: Designed to quickly and easily transform your street car into a race legal competition car. This cage closely conforms to your car’s interior, allowing quick entry & exiting. It uses precision fit, 6 mounting point, slip-tube and bolt-in design.

This cage is approved by SCCA and NASA for open road racing and drifting events. The best fitting pre-fab cage you can buy.

  • SCCA & NASA legal for club racing.
  • Top of the line in fit and construction.
  • All cages are made to order, allowing for tube size and type to be selected.
  • Diagonal cross brace and horizontal brace are a permanent weld-in design.
  • Item #: 83981
  • Manufacturer: Autopower
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 83981

Autopower Bolt-In Roll Cage (Coupe)

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